Saturday, September 20, 2014

2014.09.19 Silver Cycle Model Chart

2014.09.19 Silver Cycle Model Chart

The silver cycle model suggests lower prices for silver until the end of the year, reaching a price of about $1600.  This model has been performing well, as can be seen from the chart below and here. As previously noted, the model has undergone a phase change going forwards, resulting in a pseudo-cyclical price curve going forwards. The silver price appears to be range bound between about $1600 and $2200 until at least the beginning of 2016.

2014.01.17 Silver Cycle Model Chart

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alicn12 said...

Your model is the Holy grail for the market. Now that the US QE will end with in a month, I think your Model for DOW & S&P will work as well. Can you please post both model.