Friday, January 17, 2014

2014.01.17 Silver Cycle Chart

2014.01.17 Silver Cycle Model

2013.11.15 Silver Cycle Model

The silver cycle model is performing well, as can be seen by comparing the current model with the previous model output from 2013.11.15. A comparison of the two also shows how much better the timing prediction is in contrast to the price prediction at the turn points when looking forward two months.  In any case, it looks like silver prices may rise to a short-term high in the first quarter of 2014, around March.


Permabear Doomster said...

Great Silver charts.

I certainly like the style of that outlook, and it would match with a weak equity market in latter half of 2014..along with a stronger USD..which should pressure everything lower.

Paolo said...

Hi Permabear, thanks. The divergent outlook going forwards between the gold and silver cycle models, where both so far seem to be working out as well as can be expected leaves me wondering about the divergence between the two going forwards. Nothing is easy! grin