Friday, July 13, 2018

2018.07.12 XOI.X Cycle Model Chart

2018.07.12 XOI.X Cycle Model Chart

The XOI.X cycle model suggests higher values for the index moving into late Summer and Fall of 2018. The probability of a right phase shift is decreased because of the slope at the inflection point.  The previous model run is shown below and here on the blog.

2018.05.05 XOI.X Cycle Model Chart


Vic Akin said...

Today is 7/17/2018 and BRENT and WTI have had bad couple of days falling close to 10%. Have your model projections changed?

Paolo said...

The shorter term model here showed a sell signal on 2018.07.11. The cycle model is longer term, so it is possible that the cycle model continues to have a right shift. I will rerun the cycle model next week. Thanks for your comment.