Monday, December 5, 2016

2016.12.02 Gold Cycle Model Chart

2016.12.02 Gold Cycle Model Chart

This looks a bit like the XOI.X cycle model with its continued rightward phase shift. The predictive curve had a major inflection point in early November.  Looking at the Z-score, the previous record high of 5.47 occurred on March 18, 1980. The current Z-score is 4.86. If the model is still valid, over the next four weeks the actual price should approach the predictive curve.  Previous iterations of the model are found below on the blog.

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Anonymous said...

The real-time PoG is diverging why? Normal market lag until inflation is priced in? A major market event might just make up for lost time and propel gold to $2,000 in no time. Itlay's vote might start the downgrades.