Saturday, May 21, 2016

2016.05.20 Gold cycle Model Chart

2016.05.20 Gold Cycle Model Chart

The gold cycle model suggests continued upward prices in gold going into the Summer/Fall. It appears that the previous phase extension has slowed down, so to use Mr Anon's term, perhaps the model may be "in the groove."  Below is the previous model run also shown on the blog here.

2016.04.01 Gold Cycle Model Chart


Diego said...

Again, thank you ;)

Paolo said...

You are very welcome Diego - though my usual caveat regarding these models applies!

Diego said...

No problem. If I was on the bankers side, a global market scare (Dow, SP500, etc) would be a convenient opportunity to crush gold-silver to 1200/1180 - 15/14 before the great escape upwards. I am prepared psychologically for such a takedown.
Greetings, Diego.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paolo,

Very interesting behaviour in gold recently, especially given Diego's prescient expectation of a gold takedown to circa $1200. We've just witnessed such an event, although there might be a lower-low imminently to $1180 to take bottom-pickers if one was highly sceptical. If such a "great escape" is expected shortly, I'm prepared to try and take advantage of it with stops just below recent lows.

Kind regards,

Mr. Anon

Anonymous said...

Excellent research. Nenner should be working for Mr. Paolo.

For the gold skeptics out there, now is their second chance to enter the bull market of a lifetime. If they stubbornly look the other way again, how will they survive the upcoming depression?

The Gold Cycle Model Price Chart is today's map to El Dorado.