Friday, October 28, 2011

2011.10.28 Interim Gold Long $ Short Term

From this model's perspective, this is an almost six-sigma event.

This is so weird that I'm going to hold off judging whether the model is valid.  A week or two and the answer should be obvious. Maybe.

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Rajeev Bharol said...

Looks like wave 2 in gold, as per elliott waves. Next downturn should be severe. Your model appears to be correct. Next couple of weeks will be interesting.

Paolo said...

Rajeev, since you brought up EW theory you might be amused to know that there are interesting Fibonacci relationships between the large period cycles. I've been pondering how that might result in Fibonacci time/magnitude relationships that show up in EW analysis. Specifically, for four cycles, if A is the largest period and D is the smallest B=0.63*A, C=0.63*B, D=0.63*C. I think that might be close enough with error to 0.618. I was stunned when that showed up as I tend to pay attention to cycle ratios.

Yes, the next couple of weeks may fulfill the ancient Chinese curse of living in interesting times.