Saturday, April 1, 2017

2017.03.31 Silver Cycle Model Chart

2017.03.31 Silver Cycle Model Chart

The lack of any phase shift suggests that the peak in May/June has a high probability.  Note that the magnitude of the peak has changed, but the timing is relatively consistent from the past iteration. The previous iteration of the model is shown below and here on the blog.

2017.02.10 Silver Cycle Model Chart


Nazim Uddin said...

If we were to observe the price of precious metals, it will become evident that it has been progressing in an upward trend when compared to paper currency and the rates over the past few decades have gone ballistic and the driving force behind this phenomenon is due to the tangibility of gold as an investment and its ability to secure wealth or rather retain the purchasing power of your current wealth.

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Gold and Silver Markets said...

Gold hasnt reached extremes on the daily, ie RSI, could still fall further.

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