Monday, September 5, 2016

2016.09.02 NASDAQ Cycle Model Chart

2016.09.02 NASDAQ Cycle Model Chart

I posted this a bit earlier than usual because the NASDAQ cycle model is not experiencing a right phase shift at the moment, but seems to indicate that a major top may be forming given the predictive curve.  If in the next few weeks NASDAQ begins to descend, the model suggests much lower prices going into Spring 2017.  A reminder that all models are wrong but some are useful.  Previous iterations of the model are found below and here and here on the blog.

2016.08.19 NASDAQ Cycle Model Chart

2016.07.29 NASDAQ Cycle Model Chart


saraylı said...

Hi Paolo,

Thanks for the forecast for Nasdaq..

According to my Elliott Wave count for the USA indexes, I am also waiting for DJIA at the end of April 2017 a bottom at the level of 10800 and for Nasdaq a bottom at the level of 3100,which means a descending market with high volatility for the next 8 months...

My dates and price levels are ,of course all wrong; but some may be useful.. :)


Anonymous said...

For your consideration.