Sunday, June 29, 2014

2014.06.27 Gold Cycle Model Chart

2014.06.27 Gold Cycle Model Chart

The gold cycle model continues to confirm we may have passed a multi-year bottom on the gold price curve. The previous model run from 2014.05.30 is shown below and here. I have also placed the long term gold cycle model chart reaching out to 2020 here.

2014.05.30 Gold Cycle Model Chart


Anonymous said...

Paolo, it has been over a year since I have made any comments & now I have something new that might be of interest to you & your followers. There is a recent article that presents a plausible explanation for the divergence in the gold & silver projections.
The title is "Gold versus Silver", by Ian Gordon, posted 6/23/14 on The most relevant comments start with where the silver pie chart is on down to the last of the article. The preceding material lays out the base & is also good reading.

Keep up the good work, bat75

beetlejuice said...

Paolo, it is interesting how your model unfolds where it appears to pullback and test the breakout before shooting higher.
This is exactly what one would expect to be normal behaviour. A break, a test amd then a rapid climb.

Looking good.