Saturday, May 17, 2014

2014.05.16 XOI.X Cycle Model Chart

2014.05.16 XOI.X Cycle Model

The Amex Oil Index cycle model is performing well, and suggests the index is reaching a top in the June timeframe. A previous iteration of the cycle model can be found here as well as below.

2014.02.28 XOI.X Cycle Model


NCP said...

Hi Paolo, Good site/ information. Do you have anything to say about Indian stocks/ index. NCP.

Paolo said...

Thanks NCP. I don't have any models for the Indian equity exchanges.

beetlejuice said...

Paolo, after performing very well for quite some time, your VIX model appears to be be diverging.
I know manipulation is a controversial subjuecypt but one can't help wondering how it is that some of your market models work so well and and others DID at ONE stage appear to work well and now they don't, ie. DOW

I am now suspicious of the whole market in genersl. Afterall many completely shun any notion of market intervention and yet isn't POMO in and of itself a form of manipulation?

I think so, as I do of HFT.