Sunday, August 23, 2015

2015.08.21 XOI.X Cycle Model Chart

2015.08.21 XOI.X Cycle Model Chart

The index price dropped well below the prediction, suggesting a similar situation as occurred in December, 2014 which was followed by a very rapid reversal. Below and on the blog is show the predictive cycle model run from late 2014.

2014.12.26 XOI.X Cycle Model Chart


Sérgio said...

Amazing results! Thank you for sharing your work!

Anonymous said...

Outstanding Paolo - seems to suggest a rapid rally back towards model from panic levels and a slow pulling down of XOI during the next few months. I'm still holding off going long on crude until October or so, trying to think how I would sensibly scale in, especially in the face of false starts and final spike-down lows. (Of course assuming that the true low is not yet in.)

I'm eagerly awaiting your gold model, which has for now become my main interest, especially as equities are too volatile now unless one went short sometime ago. Conventional channels and Elliot Wave are expecting a pullback over the next few days, which should hopefully serve as an entry point for new longs.

I'm not keen going "full long" again on gold until a confirmed trend change takes place, in the form of a corrective pullback (few tens of $) that holds and then takes out new highs above $1170. On the flipside however, one has to cooly have a plan in case gold doesn't pull back here and now, in order to prevent chasing the market but also missing out on a nascent trend.

Mr. Anon