Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2011.11.08 Interim Short Term DJIA $ Gold $ Silver

All prices are close to historical extremes even after today.  If the past has any say, the actual price curves should now drop below the predictor curves.

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Oliver said...

Thanks Paolo,

could you pls post the actual predicted values at present?



Paolo said...

Sure Oliver - I'm sorry I forgot after I said I would post them. Putting the info on the charts is a chore, but easy enough here.


DJIA / 11780.94 / 11265.26 / -0.88
Gold / 1780.00 / 1561.72 / -5.65
Silver / 3458 / 2857.90 / -4.89

I'm carrying the Predicted to two decimal places just for fun.